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March 2012

13 MAR

Those of you who invested ten bucks in Tom Hanks' last film, Larry Crowne, may have come away less than enthused by the mawkish tale of modern unemployment. Onscreen chemistry between Hanks and Julia Roberts was less than fissionable, and the story itself was too touchy-feely and predictable to garner any praise from critics, who panned the perennial nice guy's writing and directing effort. Enough said. It took a drubbing at the box-office.

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13 MAR

Retro. You can go two ways with it. Volkswagen blazed the first trail with the smash success of the New Beetle back in 1998. Make it reminiscent of the original, except with all the performance, reliability and conveniences of a new product. Sure, a 1971 Beetle looks cute, but have you driven one of these things? It has all the comfort, performance, safety and ease of use as a small, cheap car from the 1930s, mainly because it is a small, cheap ...

13 MAR

With the Genuine Scooter Companyís four-stroke iteration of itís flagship Stella in current import limbo, itís been tough getting any fresh insight on how the bike actually performs compared to its popular two-stroke predecessor.

Thankfully, while US scooterists who pre-ordered the scoot continue to wait to get their grubby hands on the bike, Motorcycle-USA.com provides us with some new news in the form of a thought-provoking outsiders p ...